Quick update

Hi guys! I’m not dead, just really really really busy and way too stressed with work. I also recently signed up at a new place so I’ll be moving house soon, which is gonna take up more of my time and attention before I settle down. So new chapters will happen when they happen. >.<... Continue Reading →

Heaven Official’s Blessing – Ch 38

Chapter 38 : Behold the flower through red clouds, A heart filled with pity (III) Well? Do you admit your loss, gē gē? Xie Lian stared at the youth in red. "You......" There were some things he wanted to say, but there were countless eyes trained on them right now, and with Hua Cheng's words... Continue Reading →

Heaven Official’s Blessing – Ch 37

Chapter 37 : Behold the flower through red clouds, A heart filled with pity (II) City Lord Hua's Dice Shaking Lessons There was a narrow parting in the gauzy, red curtains. From where Xie Lian stood, he could see the person behind the screens through the gap, while his body blocked this sight from all... Continue Reading →

Heaven Official’s Blessing – Ch 34

Chapter 34 : The Palace Hall of the Supreme Martial God, Crown Prince meets Crown Prince (III)  Women’s Clothing, Bigshots Gather  Xie Lian was silent. Jun Wu shook his head gently and said, “You don’t know either.” He tilted his head slightly, then motioned for Xie Lian to follow him. Together, they strolled towards the... Continue Reading →


The Crime Lord’s Undercover Boyfriend (Arc 3-8) Someone's spoon fell on the table with a sharp clatter, the sound echoing in the dead silence. Zhao Feng calmly picked up the spoon, wiped it clean with a paper towel, and placed it back into Su Yang's hand. "Scared?" he said mildly. "How can you believe in... Continue Reading →

The Scum Shou’s Survival Guide

Hello, just wanna inform you guys that The Scum Shou's Survival Guide has been picked up by Chrysanthemum Garden and will continue where I left off. No, they didn't ask nor inform me beforehand, which annoyed me a bit, but I'm glad it's been picked up anyway, so yea. Do head over there for a... Continue Reading →


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