The Crime Lord’s Undercover Boyfriend (Arc 3-13) Darkness settled over the city. In the room, a small bedside lamp shone, the light soft and warm. Su Yang opened his eyes, feeling a strange sense of unreality. After a nap, the chaos of thoughts in his mind have finally settled down, allowing him to think clearly.... Continue Reading →


The Crime Lord’s Undercover Boyfriend (Arc 3-12) Zhao Feng halted. Whilst he has always been an unscrupulous man, he did not like seeing his stupid rabbit cry. He stood in place for a long while, silently eying the youth curled up against the wall, waiting patiently for him to calm down. After a while, Su... Continue Reading →

Status Update

Not dead. Just on hiatus. Long story short, for those who recalled me mentioning that I was moving to a new place a couple months ago, well, now I’m preparing to move again. Because of some issues and being unable to see eye to eye with the house owner (whom I live with), I decided... Continue Reading →


The Crime Lord’s Undercover Boyfriend (Arc 3-11) As the eldest son of the Zhao family, Zhao Feng had been brought up as the heir and successor. His wishes were treated as commands, and he has never lacked for anything. Hence it was not an exaggeration to say that Su Yang's bowl of noodles was the... Continue Reading →

HOB – Update

So I realised that my some parts of my raws are outdated because the author has made some edits to some of her chapters. Some are pretty small edits but some I feel are quite significant, and stretches way back to the Ban Yue arc (the chapters prior to ch 25 I’ll just leave it... Continue Reading →


The Crime Lord’s Undercover Boyfriend (Arc 3-10) Su Yang could vaguely tell that Zhao Feng was treating him better than before. Whether it was due to a sense of guilt, a form of apology, or perhaps due to some other reason, in short, besides having contact with the outside world, pretty much everything Su Yang... Continue Reading →


The Crime Lord’s Undercover Boyfriend (Arc 3-9) T/N : I know it's been a very very long time, so here are some quick reminders : Su Yang : MC, current role Xu Yanqing (police officer, presumed dead to the outside world) Zhao Feng (aka Zhao yé to his subordinates, or Feng gē to Su Yang)... Continue Reading →

Heaven Official’s Blessing – Ch 39

Chapter 39 : At Paradise Manor, Questions for Xian Le (I) Ghost City's Luxurious Scene of Entertainment At the sudden, blood-curdling shriek, Xie Lian's heart suddenly trembled. Before his thoughts could catch up, he had already rushed outside. At the mouth of the alley, he saw a grotesque, group of ghosts of every imaginable size... Continue Reading →

Quick update

Hi guys! I’m not dead, just really really really busy and way too stressed with work. I also recently signed up at a new place so I’ll be moving house soon, which is gonna take up more of my time and attention before I settle down. So new chapters will happen when they happen. >.<... Continue Reading →

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