Temporary Break

Hi guys, I will be taking a short break from translating. It's been a busy month and I'm still recovering from a persistent viral infection, plus I have a week long holiday trip coming up soon, and then it's Chinese New Year after that. I may or may not release a chapter or two if... Continue Reading →

Heaven Official’s Blessing – Ch 29 (3/4)

Chapter 29 : White Wind Master; Swirling Sandstorm Well, what would you like to eat then, Hua Cheng? The voice had sounded from above their heads. Xie Lian immediately looked up in surprise. "Which esteemed lord has arrived?" There was no answer. Instead, he heard some strange whooshwhoosh sounds, like swift gusts of winds. The sounds... Continue Reading →


The Crime Lord’s Undercover Boyfriend (Arc 3-6) Being asked if he was “hungry yet” sounded innocent enough, if one discounted the fact that Su Yang was being pressed down on the bed by a leering thug-lord Zhao. Prior to this, Su Yang had always considered himself to be considerably thick-skinned, impervious to sword or spear,... Continue Reading →

TSSSG 44-1

CH 44 (1) - Rumours abound Ye Ming opened his eyes in a daze. He turned over and yawned, and suddenly heard a shriek from the side. "The Young Master is awake! The Young Master is awake!" "Hurry, tell Master and Madam, the Young Master has finally awakened!" Ye Ming was startled to full alertness as... Continue Reading →


The Crime Lord’s Undercover Boyfriend (Arc 3-5) Li Menghui's legs went weak from fright, cold sweat began beading on his forehead. He bent and picked up the cellphone from the ground with trembling hands, and spoke in a thin whisper, "Zh-Zhao yé, there must be some sort of misunderstanding......" {T/N: 爷 (Yé) - term of respect... Continue Reading →

Heaven Official’s Blessing – Ch 27

Chapter 27 : Obscure Hua Lian Fall Into the Sinners’ Pit at Night (IV) The Ban Yue nation's scrap collector recounts a fortuitous meeting After the Ban Yue's State Preceptor jumped down, she immediately spoke in the Ban Yue dialect, "Ke Mo, what happened?" Once she opened her mouth, her voice sounded far different from what Xie... Continue Reading →


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