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In the spirit of love and in order to help his ex-boyfriends walk out from the shadow of heartbreak, every time before Ye Ming leaves after successfully completing each world’s romance mission, he will ‘kindly’ (ruthlessly) break up with with his boyfriend.

After transmigrating to N different worlds he had finally gained enough experience. At this time the system informed him that because the accumulation of his ex-boyfriend’s grievances had exceeded critical levels, leading to the failure of all his missions…. So he needs to return to each world to eliminate their grievances if he wants to complete his missions!

Ye Ming: This is an outcome I didn’t predict.

System: I tried to tell you before that if you did this you won’t have a good end.

The ex-boyfriends all laughing coldly: He He. That despicable scum that ran away after deceiving my feelings is finally back. This time don’t even think about running away!

Ye Ming: ……

System: Since you “zuo” yourself to death, even if you kneel you have to go to the end!

Ye Ming: Luckily I have a special “scum cleaning” technique ^_^

Associated Names
Sổ tay sinh tồn của tra thụ

Tức Mặc Dao

Status in COO
171 Chapters + 1 extra

Hello~ I’ll be (temporarily) translating TSSSG’s 3rd arc (The Emperor is my childhood love). I do not plan to take up the whole series as a steady project.

One thing I should mention, is that TSSSG’s chapters are much much longer than the usual fare (it’s more than double the length of TSWCSS), so I’ll either take longer than a week to post one completed chapter, or I may post each chapter piecemeal.

Chapters 1-39 by WhiteSky translations (Ch 39 by yours truly)

Ch 40 – Stirring up trouble everyday~
Ch 41(1)(2) – Late night rendezvous~
Ch 42(1)(2) – Shocking! The scene of the brothers’tragic conflict for love!
Ch 43 (1)(2) – I can only let you go~
Ch 44 (1)(2) – Rumours abound
Ch 45 – The Emperor’s sorrow
Ch 46 – Let me clear your name (end of arc 3)

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