Heaven Official’s Blessing – Ch 36 (1/2)

Chapter 36 : Behold the flower through red clouds, A heart filled with pity (I)

Hua Hua’s Real Form

Although Hua Cheng’s tone and words were rude and brimmed with contempt, the man remained meekly quiet even as the other onlookers jeered at him. The attendant who had led Xie Lian in said, “Sir, you are truly fortunate today.”

Xie Lian’s line of sight did not shift. “How so?”

“The lord of our city rarely comes here to play, and the mood only struck him these past few days. What is this if not good fortune?”

From this, it was clear that she greatly admired the ‘city lord’ and held him in high esteem. As long as one could lay eyes on their city lord, it was considered the greatest of blessings. Xie Lian laughed softly to himself.

The red silhouette behind the light, gauzy curtains formed a whimsical picture, elegant and sensual, mesmerizing the eyes. Beautiful young women were arranged before the curtains to oversee the gambling table. Xie Lian’s initial intention had been to stand at the outer edges of the crowd and watch, but after hearing Hua Cheng’s voice, he began silently squeezing his way through the press of bodies. After finally reaching the table, he spotted the man who had been about to lay down his bets.

He was a living, breathing human. Xie Lian was not too surprised at that. Not only ghosts thronged the streets of the Ghost City after all. Besides the occasional alchemist and cultivator, some normal mortals who were either close to death’s door, or were actively seeking death, would sometimes stumble in by mistake. This man also had a mask covering his face, leaving his bloodshot eyes and pale lips visible. He looked as if he had not seen the sun for many days, seeming more like a ghost than the ghosts surrounding him.

{T/N : Loosely speaking, if someone is close to death, their Yin energies would be heavier, so it’s more likely they would run into supernatural stuffs.} 

The man was gripping a black, wooden dice cup on the gambling table nervously. After a moment’s hesitation, he ventured bravely, “But……why was that other man earlier allowed to bet both his legs?”

{T/N: Dice cup pic}

One of the women standing before the curtains smiled. “That man was known as the king of thieves, famous for his exceptionally light footwork which allowed him to scale buildings and take off at ease. His legs were the basis of his livelihood, hence they were worthy as bargaining chips. You are neither a craftsman nor a famous physician, what is your one hand worth?”

The man gritted his teeth and announced, “Then I…… I’ll bet—–ten years of my daughter’s lifespan!”

Xie Lian was stunned. How on earth could there be a father willing to gamble with his child’s life? Is this even alright?

Behind the curtains, Hua Cheng gave a short laugh. “Alright.”

Xie Lian thought he sensed a cold, thread of anger from that one word alone, but wasn’t sure if he had imagined it.

San Lang said he has always had good luck, he thought, faintly uneasy. When drawing fortune sticks, he would always receive ‘success’ and ‘great fortune’. If this man gambles with San Lang, wouldn’t he be giving away ten years of his daughter’s life?

{T/N: 抽签 – a fortune telling practice. Flat slips of bamboo slips are placed in a wooden holder, and shaken until one falls out. The slip that falls out will indicate the fortune. Pic

The sweet voice of the dealer at the end of the long table broke through his thoughts. “The even number loses, the odd number wins. Once the cup is opened, there will be no backing out. Proceed!”

Apparently, Hua Cheng would not be actively participating in the game. The man broke into a trembling fit, both hands clenched tight around the dice cup. Then he began shaking the cup madly. The noise in the lobby died down somewhat, so that the crisp sounds of the dice rattling around inside the cup seemed magnified. After a long while, his movements came to a sudden halt. Deathly silence followed.

The man remained frozen for quite some time, before he slowly, slowly, lifted a corner of the cup. He bent over to peek through the crack of the opening, then his bloodshot eyes widened abruptly.

He quickly pulled the wooden dice away and shouted ecstatically, “Odd! Odd! ODD! I won! I won! HAHAHAHAhahahaIWON!!! I WON!!!”

Every person and ghost crowded around the long table had been waiting to see a show, but ended up disappointed. Boos and hissed filled the air as they began slapping on the table in a noisy display of dissatisfaction. The dealer smiled. “Congratulations, sir. Your business will take a turn for the better immediately.”

The man chortled heartily for a moment, then shouted, “WAIT! I want to make another bet.”

“Of course you may, sir. What would you like to wish for this time?”

The man’s face darkened as he said, “I want, I want all my business rivals to drop dead!”

The people in the lobby exchanged looks all around as they clicked their tongues and shook their heads. The dealer covered her mouth as she tittered. “This wish is not as simple as your last one. Would you not consider something else? Perhaps, for your business to flourish to new heights?”

The man stared at her unblinkingly with his bloodshot eyes. “No! I only want to bet on this. I will bet on this.”

“Well sir, if that is your wish, ten years of your daughter’s life would not suffice.”

The man said, “If it’s not enough then I’ll add more to it. I’ll wager twenty years of my daughter’s life, and…… and the fate of her marriage!”

{T/N: It goes without saying that women in ancient China who are not married are considered worthless. That or if her husband is a horrible man, her life may be truly miserable}

The ghosts all burst into uproarious laughter. “This father has gone completely mad! He’s selling his daughter!”

“Incredible, incredible!”

The dealer smiled. “The even number loses, the odd number wins. Once the cup is opened, there will be no backing out. Proceed!”

As Xie Lian watched anxiously, the man began shaking the dice cup again with trembling hands. If he loses, his daughter would lose twenty years of her life and a good marriage, which is obviously terrible. But if he wins, wouldn’t that mean all his business rivals would drop dead? Xie Lian privately felt that Hua Cheng is unlikely to permit such a thing to happen, but after thinking twice and then thrice about it, he began inching closer to the table. Just as he was considering pulling some form of disruption, someone grabbed him from behind. He turned his head and found himself face to face with Shi Qing Xuan.

Shi Qing Xuan had reverted to his male form. “Don’t be impulsive,” he whispered.

Xie Lian whispered back, “Wind Master, why have you changed back?”

“Ai, it’s a long story. That bunch of madams and misses dragged me after them, saying they wanted to introduce me to a good beautician. It wasn’t easy for me to escape. I changed back to this form so they wouldn’t catch me again.” Shi Qing Xuan wrinkled his nose. “They dragged me into a strange shop and smeared a lot of stuff on my face, then pulled and rubbed and kneaded and slapped it. Quick, how does my face look? Anything wrong or weird with it?”

He shoved his face in front of Xie Lian. Xie Lian studied him carefully, then offered his honest opinion, “It seems to be smoother and fairer now.”

{T/N: Hey, free facial~}

Shi Qing Xuan’s eyes brightened in surprise. “Really? That’s great, that’s really great, hahahaha. Is there a mirror around here? I want a look.”

“Let’s look later,” Xie Lian said. “The spiritual communication array can’t be used in the Ghost City, so we mustn’t be separated again. Oh by the way, my lord Wind Master, how did you know I was here?”

“I didn’t,” Shi Qing Xuan replied. “I had no idea where you were. I’m supposed to meet Qian Qiu here. After I escaped those women, I decided to come here first to wait for him, but found you instead.”

“You have an appointment with Qian Qiu? Here?”

“Yes, Qian Qiu as in Lang Qian Qiu, His Royal Highness Tai Hua. You should at least know of him right? He’s the Martial God of the East, and since we’re supposed to come here to investigate, it is best if he comes with us. The ghosts’ gambling house is the liveliest place in the Ghost City, filled with all sorts of folk. It’s a landmark of sorts, and with the number of humans and ghosts moving in and out of the place, it’s easier to avoid suspicion, so I told him to meet us here.”

Xie Lian nodded lightly. When he turned back around, the man had yet to open the dice cup. His eyes were rolled back so that the whites were showing, and he was murmuring to himself as if in prayer. He did not look much different from the other ghosts crammed inside the gambling house. Xie Lian sighed, “This man……”

“I know what you want to say, and I do agree with you,” Shi Qing Xuan said as he stroked his own face. “But the Ghost City is Hua Cheng’s domain. The rules of the gambling house here stipulate that both parties must be willing participants. You may gamble if you dare accept the risks. Heaven cannot interfere in this. Stay calm and watch first. We’ll think of something if things start looking bad.”

Xie Lian muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment. San Lang would not allow something like this to happen, he soothed himself. It’s best to lie low and wait first. He stayed his hand, and the man at the table seemed to have finally summoned enough courage to lift the dice cup a crack, ready to reveal the results. Yet at this moment, someone suddenly charged over and slammed a palm down on the black, wooden dice cup, crushing it to smithereens!

The strike shattered not only the dice cup, but the hand that was gripping it as well. A deep crack appeared on the table.

The masked man screamed as he cradled the crushed remains of his hand, rolling wildly on the ground in agony. Some ghosts shouted in surprise, cheering and clapping excitedly while others cried out in fright and leaned away from the young man who had showed up so suddenly. “You scum!” he raged. “Poisonous heart! It’s your own business if you chase after wealth and glory, but you have the temerity to wish for the death of others?! If you want to gamble so badly then gamble with your own life! How dare you use your own daughter’s lifespan and marriage fate for your own gains! You are not fit to be a man, nor a father!”

The young man had sword like brows, and bright starry eyes glowing with heroism. Even though he was garbed simply instead of in his usual splendid attire, it did not conceal his noble air in the least. Who else could this be if not Yong’an’s crown prince, Lang Qian Qiu?


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Note : Character list & Appendix 

Thank you NatalyNovakJTdadurga, Pratibha, Anon (Ivanna), Anon (Joana), Natasha, Char, Rainyoak and Anon (Kathleen) for the kofis~!!!!!

This release was late despite the shortness of this chapter because I was super swamped with work, and managed to strain my eyes from long PC and handphone use. :<

In the title, Hua Hua is the author’s pet name for Hua Cheng. 🙂

Have any of you read “The Husky and his White Cat Shizun”? If not, I highly highly recommend it. 🙂 Warnings for rape and gore and suicide though. It’s kinda like a cross between MDZS (cultivators and magical weapons and amazing world building) and Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System (a disciple obsessed with his Shizun) but a whole LOT darker.

I found my translations pirated on Wattpad with zero credit yesterday, kinda bummed about it. But trying to report theft on Wattpad seems to require you being the owner of the original work? Plus it requires your name, mobile number, state, address, etc etc etc… kinda bullshit imo. -__- I may or may not end up posting future chapters as images to avoid theft in the future, which sucks because it may affect the reading experience. Edit: The wattpad poster has contacted me to apologise and the translations have been taken down.

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