TSSSG 43-1

CH 43 (1) – I can only let you go~

Li ZeYuan did not expect that Li ZeChen who had seemed to be at death’s door could suddenly get back up. He stared at Li ZeChen blankly for a moment, then his sword was jerked from his grasp as his entire person was sent flying away from a powerful kick!

Once Li ZeChen loosened his grip, blood began dripping down from his fingers to pool on the floor. His eyes were sharp as a drawn blade, his person steady and unshakable as a mountain. He did not appear to have been poisoned in the least!

Li ZeYuan suddenly realised that things were not right, and feared that they had fallen into a trap. He ordered coldly, “Kill him!”

The assassins that came with him lunged forth again.

Since Li ZeChen has set this snare in wait for him, he would definitely not allow Li ZeYuan a chance for escape. This being the case, the only path left to Li ZeYuan was to kill Li ZeChen. Once Li ZeChen is dead, a group without a leader will surely fall apart. With Li ZeYuan’s position as a former Crown Prince, what need would he have to fear that he would not be able to bring the scattered remnants of Li ZeChen’s supporters under his heel?

But if Li ZeChen lives, only death awaits him!

The two men faced each other, knowing that this is the moment that will decide who lives and dies!

Li ZeChen sneered, looking imposing as he stood motionless, even as Li ZeYuan’s men rushed over to attack. In the next moment, countless armored soldiers suddenly came crashing in and surrounded them, with arrows drawn and aimed at Li ZeYuan!

One by one, the assassins that Li ZeYuan had brought screamed and fell to the ground, their bodies riddled with arrows. Li ZeYuan’s flank and thighs were also struck, and he sank to his knees.

He was clearly only a step away from Li ZeChen, but now he could no longer advance any closer!

In the blink of an eye, the outcome of the battle has already been decided. Li ZeYuan knew now that he will certainly die, but he refused to kneel in front of Li ZeChen, and struggled desperately to stand up.

But the fighting outside has concluded. More soldiers poured into the room, and Li ZeYuan was pressed down to the ground. He could only glare up at Li ZeChen hatefully, his eyes red and filled with loathing!

“You were never poisoned. This was all a trap.” Li ZeYuan’s voice was cold and dripped with venom. “You knew I was coming, didn’t you?”

Li ZeChen only spared him a short glance, before turning around and gently lifting Ye Ming up from the ground.

Blood soaked the upper half of Ye Ming’s body. The sword thrust had almost cut through his entire shoulder to the bone, and the wound looked very ghastly. Grief and remorse filled Li ZeChen’s eyes. He had neither flinched nor backed away a single step when faced with the swords which were ready to cut him down earlier, yet now both his hands were trembling.

Ye Ming lay weakly in Li ZeChen’s arms, his pale face flecked with blood, but his eyes were brimming with surprised relief and self-reproach. “Your Majesty….. thank God you’re alright, I’m sorry…….chén should not have tried to deceive you.”

He lifted a trembling hand with great difficulty and tried to hold on to Li ZeChen, but could not muster the strength to do so. His pale lips parted slowly. “Chén really had no intention of betraying you…..”

“Hush now, don’t speak…..” Li ZeChen’s eyes were red.

I believe you, I’ll always believe you…..

Li ZeYuan was kneeling, his entire body awash with pain, his eyes almost starting out of his head. Suddenly, he broke into wild laughter. “No wonder you were so well prepared, it was this slut who betrayed me!”

He turned his head to glare at Ye Ming, his voice taking on a sinister edge. “Qi MingYan, back when you were by my side, I have always taken care of you with great patience. You ask yourself, have I ever done you wrong? Is this how you would repay me? You fickle trash, you put on a great show of devotion in front of me, but once Li ZeChen became Emperor, I really couldn’t tell…… you look so noble and virtuous on the outside, but inside you’re also a boot-licking vermin. I was completely fooled by you!”

{T/N: For those who have forgotten (like myself), Qi MingYan is Wen Qing’s formal name.}

Ye Ming slowly turned his head to meet Li ZeYuan’s hate filled gaze. Grief and sorrow shone clear in his own eyes.

No matter how reckless and unseemly Li ZeYuan had behaved, he had never sought to hurt Ye Ming, and has lent a helping hand to him several times before. His heart did indeed have a corner which was aching with guilt. But Li ZeYuan had tricked him and made use of him this time……. so let it be considered even between them……

LiZeChen was furious, and snapped out, “Take him away!”

Li ZeYuan laughed madly and began taunting Li ZeChen. “So what if you have me killed. That slut you gave your heart to will soon die from my blade! Since he dared to save you, he deserves to die hahahahaha!”

Li ZeChen’s expression twisted for a moment. He cradled Ye Ming in his arms, and his voice trembled. “You can’t die. Zhèn won’t allow it, so you must not die.”

I thought you betrayed me, but I was wrong. Why are you so stupid, I hurt you so much…… why did you still try to save me?  

I never needed you to save me! 

[Ding! Li ZeChen’s blackening value -50, current blackening value is 30.]

Ye Ming smiled at him and slowly closed his eyes. In fact, if he were to die here and now, he wouldn’t mind.

Li ZeChen’s face turned ashen. “Don’t fall asleep! Zhèn orders you not to sleep!” But Ye Ming did not respond, his head lolled limply….. Li ZeChen wanted to shake him awake, but he did not dare move him. He turned his head and bellowed angrily, “Where’s the physician? Why hasn’t the physician arrived yet!”

After a while, two imperial physicians came rushing in frantically. When they saw Li ZeChen and Ye Ming both splattered with blood, they began trembling in terror. “Chén was late, chén will attend to Your Majesty’s injuries now.”

Li ZeChen gathered Ye Ming into his arms and said coldly, “Zhèn is fine, take a look at him first!”

The imperial physicians looked at Li ZeChen, who could still stand up while carrying someone. After determining that he did seem to be fine, and also because they did not dare go against Li ZeChen’s wishes, they began inspecting and treating Ye Ming. Ye Ming was heavily injured, the sword wound had almost cut his entire arm off. Flesh and bone were exposed, and he had lost a significant amount of blood. He was in critical condition!

The imperial physicians first worked on stemming the wound to stop the bleeding, then used some valuable ginseng to try to keep him from death’s door. After nearly using up all their skills and the contents of their medicinal box, they were only barely able to prevent Ye Ming from dying then and there. However, Ye Ming remained unconscious, he would not be able to eat or take medicine. If this continues, he would not live for more than a few days.

Li ZeChen clenched his hands into tight fists, and the wound that had just been wrapped up began oozing blood again. The palace servants next to him saw this, and one by one, fell to their knees. “Your Majesty, please take care!”

Li ZeChen turned around and went out.

He was suddenly too afraid of staying in the room. He was afraid of seeing Ye Ming die……

What if he dies? What if……. 

Walking around distractedly, Li ZeChen found himself back in the front palace hall. Although the bodies have all been cleared away, the blood has not been washed off the ground. The interior was still a mess, and several maids were occupied with the cleaning.

Li ZeChen stood by the door and gazed inside. He looked at where he and Ye Ming had previously been sitting. There was still a pot of cold tea and a few broken teacups there.

He stared blankly for a while, then stepped inside.

The palace maid who was busy sweeping the room immediately knelt to the ground, but Li ZeChen did not see her. He sat down at where Ye Ming had been seated earlier, and looked fixedly at the teapot in front of him.

The teapot was also one of the gifts by the tributaries, and it was exquisitely beautiful. He had always given Ye Ming the best of everything, even though Ye Ming had never seemed to care.

Li ZeChen picked up the teapot and the one remaining, intact teacup. He slowly poured a cup of tea for himself. Because it had been left for a long time, the liquid was cold, and the tea had turned yellow and cloudy.

The palace maid looked at him nervously, and shivered. “Your Majesty, the tea has gone cold. This servant can make another fresh pot of tea for you.”

Her words did not reach Li ZeChen. He stared at the cold tea in his cup for a long while, then a determined gleam flashed in his eyes. He tilted the cup up and drank.

The cold tea flowed past his tongue and throat, the taste slightly astringent.

It tasted like food which had been left out overnight, cold and bitter, but he drained the entire cup.

After a long while, Li ZeChen closed his eyes. He could feel tears prickling behind the lids.

There was no poison. It was only a simple cup of tea.

And he, how could he have believed that Ye Ming would want to kill him? Ye Ming was clearly not such a person, but he had not trusted him.

If he had trusted Ye Ming, would Ye Ming still have been injured?

This was all—- his fault.

[Ding! Li ZeChen’s blackening value -10, current blackening value is 20.]


Ye Ming did not wake up. Li ZeChen had recruited all the best physicians and used all the most precious herbs at his disposal, but Ye Ming remained unconscious. In just a few short days, he had grown thin, his cheeks sallow and sunken.

Li ZeChen stayed by Ye Ming’s side everyday. He had begun neglecting the government affairs and no longer showed up at the Imperial Court. The entire palace seemed cold and lifeless.

Li ZeChen has not rested for several days. His eyes were bloodshot and heavily ringed with dark circles. No amount of persuasion could move him, and he refused to meet the Empress Dowager when she came to see him. He remained by Ye Ming’s side, and no matter how deep his fears and dread, he did not budge from the spot. He feared that if he left, Ye Ming would suddenly die without him even knowing.

In all his life, he has never been so afraid.

He regretted everything.

When evening fell, Li ZeChen lay by Ye Ming’s side, his arm around Ye Ming’s waist, the side of Ye Ming’s face pressed against his own.

The person in his arms was so thin, his breaths so weak, as if they could stop anytime.

Li ZeChen kissed his lips gently, and closed his eyes in exhaustion.

Why won’t you wake up? Do you still blame zhèn? Is that why you won’t open your eyes? 

As long as you wake up, zhèn will promise you anything. 



[Ye Ming: How’s my body doing?]

[888: Not too good. The ancient medical practices is still too undeveloped, they have neither antibiotics nor sterile conditions. You’re lucky to be still alive.]

[Ye Ming: Ahhhhhhh I can’t die! The blackening value has not been wiped out yet!]

[888: ……..Don’t worry. With me around, you won’t die.]

[Ye Ming: Brother, I knew I could always depend on you muacks. How long have I been out for?]

[888: Five days.]

[Ye Ming: Time to wake me up then ^_^]

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