The Prince’s escaped fiancée (Arc 2-12)

The march was, without doubt, arduous, tedious, and terribly dull.

In order to ensure that his little puppy would not want for anything during the journey, Jing Cheng really went all out.

A great deal of careful thought went into the arrangement of the snug and cozy interior of the coach, as well as the meticulously prepared snacks and little trinkets to keep him amused. Even the horses hitched to the carriage were specially selected, to ensure a smooth ride.

But how could Su Yang’s free spirit stand to be confined to such a small space? He endured for two days, before tossing around restlessly, itching to stir things up.  

He dropped a few furtive hints to Jing Cheng to express his interest in riding a horse. Of course, Jing Cheng could not say no to that. He immediately lifted Su Yang onto his own horse and spurred it into a gallop, moving ahead of the marching troops.

Under the glory of the setting sun, they made for a beautiful scene as they sped away together. The officers and soldiers of the army were frequently blinded by their heedless PDA. My lord Wángye, how could you betray us this way, did we not agree that we will all be bachelors for life together, how could you get married behind our backs!!

Jing Cheng only left them with a cheerful view of their rapidly receding backs.

It was Su Yang’s first time on a horse, and the experience was a novelty for him. Nestled against Jing Cheng’s chest, he hollered happily, “Faster, go faster!”

It was rare for his little puppy to be this happy. Jing Cheng urged his horse to greater speed, “Red Shadow, jia!”

Jing Cheng’s steed was a ferghana horse which was gifted to him by a Grand Master. At top speed, only a blood red shadow can be seen, hence it was given the name Red Shadow.

{T/N: Ferghana horses, 汗血宝马 (hàn xuè bǎo mǎ) – lit. sweating blood horses. These horses got their unusual Chinese name because when they run, their blood vessels are very clearly defined through their thin, almost-transparent skin. The glands around their shoulders and neck are so strong that when they sweat, they emit a reddish liquid that makes the colour of their fur looks darker and gives the disconcerting appearance of bleeding. They are also called ‘heavenly horses’ and were so coveted, they caused a war.}

With its master spurring it on, the chestnut was like a streak of lightning tearing through the plains. The wind whistled in their ears, the hills and trees blurred together and receded at a terrifying pace. In the blink of an eye, they left the army far behind.

Su Yang’s dark hair was blown into disarray. Heedlessly, he spread his arms wide open, crowing jubilantly.


Jing Cheng promptly wrapped an arm around his waist to ensure he would not fall off the horse. Seeing Su Yang’s joy, his lips unconsciously curved into a smile.

However, this happy period did not last long. Su Yang suddenly grabbed hold of his hand, crying urgently, “Stop, stop!”

Jing Cheng hurriedly reined in his horse, and asked, “What’s wrong, are you unwell?”

Su Yang flailed his arms around, slowly trying to dismount. Unfortunately, he began gagging before he could reach the ground. And then….. well, in short, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Red Shadow snorted and danced two steps away. Jing Cheng shot a cold glare at it, then made to check on Su Yang, but was waved away.

Although he was puking his guts out, Su Yang’s state of mind was still intact. He must not, absolutely must not let anyone see him in such a sorry state! Especially this man who was currently still his mission target!

But of course, Jing Cheng was not one to quietly obey. He only paused for a moment, before crouching down by Su Yang’s side, lightly patting him on the back, hoping to alleviate his discomfort.

“How are you feeling? Still sick?”

Su Yang covered his mouth, desperately trying to quell his churning stomach. He glared at Jing Cheng hatefully with tear-filled eyes.

His Highness the Róng Wáng was blissfully unaware of his faux pas. He smiled and said, “It’s alright, I don’t mind you being dirty.” And then he ruffled Su Yang’s messy head of hair to show that he was not in the least bit disgusted.

Su Yang: “……QAQ”

For Su Yang, to be seen emptying his stomach in such an unlovely manner, was as embarrassing as a female starlet accidentally leaving her house without a lick of makeup on her face and being subsequently caught on camera. This level of humiliation was simply unbearable!

Su Yang would like nothing better than to bury his head in the ground and put an end to his misery. But the bile rose up again, he retched, and endured another bout of vomiting.

All this while, Jing Cheng has been quietly helping him massage his tummy, not budging an inch from his side. And so he witnessed the entire messy affair

As they made their way back, Su Yang was in abnormally low spirits. His entire person was wilted and drooped, looking depressed to the extreme.

As a superstar who at all times ensured that he remained cute and lovely and flawless, Su Yang placed heavy emphasis on maintaining a perfect idol image. But today, this image was forcefully torn apart by a certain person, one can only imagine his grief and indignation.

But he dared not openly quarrel with this son of fate, and so he expressed his grievances by giving Jing Cheng the cold shoulder.

——Super unhappy!! You better appease zhèn asap!!

{T/N: I, used by Emperors.}

However, Jing Cheng has always been a plainspoken man, how could he guess at the way Su Yang’s tortuously convoluted little mind worked. He merely put Su Yang’s silence down to discomfort, and did not press him further. He set a slow and steady pace for Red Shadow, and by the time they reached the encampment, it was dusk.

The night was not suitable for travel. The troops have already set up camp, and were preparing to take their evening meal.

Jing Cheng sent Su Yang back to the carriage, before ordering for water to be heated over the campfires.

Deputy General Cao had the uncouth looks of a boor, but he was acutely sensitive of others’ feelings. And so, he immediately noticed that Su Yang’s behaviour was off.

He shuffled closer to Jing Cheng, and asked cautiously, “Wángyé, is…. is the Wángfēi angry?”

Jing Cheng looked baffled, and frowned, “No, his constitution is delicate. He’s not feeling too well after being jostled about during the ride.”

“Oh,” Deputy General Cao replied blandly. He inwardly wondered who Jing Cheng was trying to fool, anyone with eyes in their heads could tell that the Wángfēi was sulking.

Very soon, the water was boiling. Jing Cheng brushed off this nonsense, and filled up a bottle with the water for Su Yang to warm his stomach.

When he pushed aside the flap of the carriage’s entrance, he saw Su Yang curled up in a corner, hugging his knees. The youth had shrugged off his outer robes, and was only dressed in the thin, delicate inner garments. His long, dark hair spilled over his shoulders like watered silk to pool on the furs of the tiger skin rugs, forming a stark contrast against the translucent paleness of his skin. At a glance, he looked like a nymph from a painting come to life.

Jing Cheng’s heart thudded hard against his chest. He handed the bottle over to Su Yang, and asked, “Are you feeling any better?”

Su Yang took in his oblivious state, and accepted the bottle silently with his lips pursed.

Jing Cheng squeezed into the carriage and pulled the youth into his arms, patting him gently.

“Why so quiet? Still sick?”

Sick? Su Yang wasn’t only sick, he was spitting mad! He had never been so embarrassed in his entire life, and this was all Jing Cheng’s fault! He had completely forgotten that it was his idea to go horse riding to begin with. That’s right, so what if he was being unreasonable!

Jing Cheng watched him hang his head silently, and finally realized something was amiss. He asked, “Are you angry?”

Su Yang lifted his pale little face haughtily.

—–That’s right, I’m angry!!

Jing Cheng asked again, “Why so?”

Su Yang pursed his lips and tilted his chin up again.

—–You still have the nerve to ask me!!

Jing Cheng looked at the pale, delicate face that was capable of rousing both the extremes of his love and hate, and did not know if he should laugh or cry. Where has his adorable, obedient and unfinicky little puppy gone to?

He could count on one hand the number of times he has ever desired to please someone. Even if it was the Tao Ziyu of the past, he had only made a cursory effort to meet his material demands, and had never lowered himself to take a more humble approach.

Everyone has always said that Jing Cheng was too cold, too quiet, too reticent. He had conceded that they were right, because too few people could evoke any sort of feeling in him.

But these days, the soft and fragrant, fair and tender little creature in his arms was the bane of his life. He must have owed this little imp some sort of debt in his past life, so that now he returned to plague him by continuously poking at his heart.

And so, His Highness the Róng Wáng humbled himself to say, “If I may be so bold to ask, have I offended the Young Master Tao?”

Su Yang nodded gravely.

Jing Cheng waited, but only saw Su Yang puffing out his cheeks with no intention of explaining. He suddenly felt helpless.

He juggled his thoughts for a moment, then smiled, “Could it be because I saw Young Master Tao’s vomiting spectacle today, and hence gave cause for offense?”

What vomiting spectacle……

Su Yang’s face flushed red from his words, and his rage and humiliation shot through the roof. He began thrashing around like an unruly puppy, struggling to escape from Jing Cheng’s embrace.

This time, Jing Cheng could tell that he has hit the mark.

He tightened his hold around Su Yang’s waist to prevent his escape, laughing out loud, “I said I didn’t mind, why all the fuss?”

This is the pride and prerogative of a national idol, you wouldn’t understand!!!

Jing Cheng naturally wouldn’t understand, but he has figured out Su Yang’s berserk button. The usually meek and docile little puppy has suddenly flown into a fit of rage, but it was still painfully adorable.

He tempered his strength to let Su Yang scramble out of his hold, and waited till the boy has reached a corner before catching hold of his chubby little foot and hauling him back into his embrace. As he expected, Su Yang ceased his struggles, having realized that he would not be able to escape Jing Cheng’s evil clutches.

Looking at his pitifully aggrieved expression, the Jing Cheng who was incapable of coaxing anyone was at a loss. After dithering awkwardly for half a day, he finally came up with: “Today was entirely my fault. You may name anything you wish for as recompense.”

Su Yang’s eyes immediately lit up. “Any-anything?”

Jing Cheng breathed a secret sigh of relief when Su Yang finally broke his silence. He nodded and said, “Yes, as long as it is within my power to do so.”

Su Yang stammered as he held up a little finger, “Then, then pinky swear it, you can’t go back after a pinky swear…..”

Jing Cheng was tickled by his solemn actions and could not stop laughing, but still stretched out his pinky to humour this child.

In Jing Cheng’s mind, this little puppy only has thoughts for food and play. In all likelihood, he would either request for more exotic foodstuffs, pastries and other exquisite delicacies, or some other rare and interesting toy to amuse himself with. With all that Jing Cheng has at his disposal, how hard can it be to indulge this puppy’s little hobbies?

But he did not expect Su Yang to suddenly throw himself into his arms, clinging to his neck and crowing happily, “I want Fūjūn to love me, I want Fūjūn to love only me!!”

Jing Cheng’s entire body went stiff……

Su Yang hugged Jing Cheng’s neck, rubbing his soft cheek against the stubble on his chin. His soft and sweet voice was brimming with elation.

“You promised, no going back! Fūjūn must love Yu-er, just as much as Yu-er loves Fūjūn!”

Jing Cheng struggled to find his voice. He said hoarsely, “Isn’t there anything else, Yu-er likes eating desserts the most, no? I can buy the GuiXin shop as a gift for you, then you will never run out of desserts to eat your whole life. Wouldn’t Yu-er like this better?”

{T/N: 桂心坊 (Guì xīn fāng) – could be a shop name, or the name of a whole lane/street.}

“Don’t want, don’t want.” Su Yang shook his head and insisted stubbornly, “Yu-er only wants Fūjūn, Yu-er only wants Fūjūn to love Yu-er!”

Jing Cheng felt like he was teetering at the edge of a cliff, staring down at the bottomless chasm. An inexplicable sense of pain and panic flooded in his chest. For the first time in his life, he knew regret.

He suddenly tightened his hold on Su Yang, like he wanted to absorb this stupid little puppy into his very flesh and bones. It was only when he heard Su Yang whimpering in pain, that he reluctantly loosened his grip.

When Jing Cheng spoke, his tone was heavy, with a deep, profound chill in it, “Yu-er, if….. if Fūjūn accidentally hurt you, would you forgive Fūjūn?”

This was the first time he has ever referred to himself as ‘Fūjūn’, and not the lofty and untouchable ‘Běnwáng’. This clearly revealed the deep affection hidden within.

{T/N: This King, this Lord. From the very beginning of this arc, Jing Cheng has been referring to himself as Běnwáng (本王), but I used ‘I’ for simplicity’s sake. } 

Su Yang received a notification from the system that the progress has suddenly risen to a whopping 84%, and was thrilled to bits.

He happily declared, “Whatever Fūjūn does, Yu-er will always like Fūjūn!”

And at that very moment, Jing Cheng felt like he had plummeted to hell, doomed to eternal damnation.

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  1. What do you mean the honeymoon is over? Say it ain’t so. Thank you for the translation. this chapter was so sweet I could feel my teeth rot.

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